Why You Should Call a Professional to Install Your Basketball Hoop in Your Home

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the US and worldwide. Shooting hoops gives you
a great workout. You also socialize with others when playing basketball, which is a great team-
building exercise. Having a basketball hoop installed at home allows you to shoot hoops
whenever you want. Whether you want your children to have a great time playing basketball
right at home or if you’re up to shoot some hoops yourself, it can be an amazing investment.

Now, you can always get one of those portable basketball hoops. Unfortunately, they aren’t
very stable. Practicing slam dunks will be completely out of the question and will not give the
same experience as an in-ground basketball hoop can. Your only option is to install an in-
ground basketball hoop at home. Of course, when you decide to go that route, the question
arises: Should I install the basketball hoop myself, or would it be better to get a professional to
come in and handle it?
If you are not sure whether it will be worth it to hire a professional to install your basketball
hoop, we can help. Today’s post will explain what it takes to install a basketball hoop at home
to help you understand why hiring a professional would be a much better thing to do.
Steps to Install an In-Ground Basketball Hoop at Home
Once you find and purchase the right basketball hoop, you have to decide where you will install
it at home. Remember that an in-ground basketball hoop is a permanent addition to your
home. You would not want to have to move it again and again. Deciding on the perfect spot on
the first go means you will not be digging holes all over the backyard.
Most customers we have worked for prefer installing the basketball hoop in their driveway. It is
the most convenient location because the ground is level and solid, making it the perfect
environment for a good one-on-one game or to simply dribble and shoot some hoops.
Once you decide on the location, the installation can begin. Here’s a look at the steps involved
when installing an in-ground basketball hoop at home.
1. Dig the Hole
You need to dig a hole where the pole will go. If you are installing the basketball hoop in your
backyard, digging the hole will only require a shovel and some good ol’ fashioned muscle
grease. The hole must be deep and wide enough to meet the suggested requirements provided
by the basketball hoop manufacturer. The hole diameter and depth can vary drastically based
on the specific model. Suppose that you have to install it in the driveway. In that case, making a
hole through the cement will be challenging without the right tools and expertise.
2. Fill Up The Hole
Once the hole is ready, it is time to put the pole inside and surround it with concrete. Having
someone hold the pole in place when pouring the concrete is important. You also need to use a
concrete vibrator to remove the air bubbles in the concrete to ensure that the pole is secure
once the concrete dries. Smoothen and flatten the surface once you fill it up and let it try for

around two days. Be sure to check in to see whether the pole is leaning and fix its position if it
has moved. Ignoring a leaning basketball hoop pole and letting the concrete dry like that would
make all that effort worthless.
3. Set Up the Pole
Does your basketball hoop come with a rising anchor? In that case, there is another step you
will need to follow. The manufacturer will share guidelines on how to accomplish the additional
step of setting up the pole. Height-adjustable poles come with attachable support arms and a
lifting device. Be sure to check that the anchor matches the pole and everything is level. Once
you level everything, lock it in place using the leveling nuts and bolts provided by the
4. Attach the Backboard
Most basketball hoops require assembling the backboard and completing the setup after
setting up the pole. Of course, the requirements could differ based on the model you
purchased. Check the manufacturer’s manual to see whether you should fasten the backboard
onto the pole before or after setting up the pole in the ground. Suppose your model requires
fastening the backboard after the pole is erected and in the ground. In that case, you should ask
at least two people to help you with the installation.
5. Finishing Up
Now that the pole is up and you have fastened the backboard, you can start wrapping it up. Set
up the rim and net on the backboard. The rim has to be secured to the backboard using bolts,
and once that’s done, you must attach the net carefully onto the rim to finish.
Seem Complicated? That’s Why We Are Here to Help
Taking a DIY approach to this kind of project carries a lot of risks. First off, you need to have the
right tools and experience using those tools to dig the hole in the first place. Messing up the
driveway due to a lack of experience can cost you much more than it would hiring experts to
handle it for you in the first place. If you plan to install the basketball hoop in your backyard,
you can give the DIY approach a go. You will get that extra sense of pride knowing you did it
yourself, provided you pull it off. However, making a mess means you will spend more on
having us re-do the job.

At Basketball Installers, we do this for a living. Our experienced professionals have been
installing basketball hoops for customers for several years. If you need the job done correctly,
we recommend contacting our team. We can set it all up for you in no time and guarantee a job
well done. No guesswork, no damaged driveway, no tilted basketball hoop, and no hassle. Let
the experts do all the hard work so you can enjoy playing basketball at home. Get in touch
today to get a quote for our services.

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