How to Choose a Basketball Goal

A lot of people don’t feel like their homes are complete without having a basketball goal in it. Now, it is easier to find the exact setup that best suits your playing style and space, than it was before. Who will play on the basketball system, whether you are just looking to play around or you are up for a serious basketball game, are what determine the type of backboard system to buy.

Basically, basketball systems are of three types. You can buy combination systems, portable systems, and in-ground pole systems.

There is a lot more to a basketball hoop than a rim and backboard. All the essential components have a lot of variations.


Basketball goal

Goalrilla In-ground basketball hoop

They are of various materials; transparent plastic, graphite, resin or acrylic.

Graphite and fiberglass backboards are really like real indoor baskets, though, they get damaged easily.

The acrylic ones are a lot like regular indoor baskets, although, they are not as firm as the other materials. In fact, most of them come with a support made of a steel frame.

Sizes range from 40 to 54 inches. Some are as huge as 72 inches. For beginners, it is better to purchase the larger sizes.

They are usually fan-shaped or rectangular. The rectangular ones allow for more room to shoot. They also cost a bit more. The fan-shaped backboards are more streamlined. There’s no room enough for bank shots, though.


The basketball rims have a diameter of 18 inches. The solid steel support ought to have a diameter of at least ½ inch for durability.

Every rim has net clips for holding on to the net

Steel net hooks that are welded have a stronger hold on the net and they won’t break.

A lot of rims today have breakaway net clips to avoid injury.

You should look for a rim that is spring-loaded and gives pressure just like the prostyle baskets.

The breakaway rim is another variation. It releases the rim when there’s pressure on it. This will prevent breakage of the backboard.


More often than not, the net is made of all-weather nylon mesh cord.

It is attached to the rim by looping it through hooks on the rim made for the net.


The Adjustability

An important feature of home basketball systems is the ability to adjust rim height to the comfortability of who is playing.

If players of different skill levels and heights will be using it, consider purchasing an adjustable system.

You should search for a system that lets you adjust it without a need for tools, and with very little effort.

The Portability

If you will need to move the basket to various places, you should look for a system that is specifically designed for portability. The fact that a system has wheels does not mean it is portable.

Go for a system that can fold up so that it can be wheeled easily to another spot.

Bases on systems that are portable have to be filled with sand or water + base gel.


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