In-Ground or Portable Basketball Hoop?

“Basketball installers” is a basketball system installation company. We are experts in in-ground basketball installation, portable basketball hoop assembly, and gymnasium basketball hoop installation. We do both indoor and outdoor installation. The company prides itself in having a team of professionally skilled installers who understand the needs of the basketball court.


With “Basketball Installers,” you are one call away from shooting hoops. Whether you purchased a brand new basketball hoop or found a second-hand hoop, our professional installation team will assemble the pole, backboard, rim, and net. Most importantly, they will mount the pole firmly into the ground – if required. “Basketballs Installers” provide commercial and residential basketball hoops installation service in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern VA areas.


  • Portable
  • In Ground
  • Roof Mounted, Or Wall Mounted


A portable hoop component stands alone and consists of a base, backboard, rim and a pole with an adjustable bracket for the accommodation of shorter players. The base is installed with wheels that make the entire unit easily portable, and once it is in the desired location, you fill the base with sand or water to make it stable and steady.

A portable hoop does not require installers to dig a hole or mount the backboard and hoop to any structure, such as a wall or roof, therefore, when compared to the other options, the portable hoop is less sturdy.


The conventional combination system comprises of the rim, backboard and mounting kit for mounting the hoop to the house wall or roof. These two combination systems are more stable and require expert hands to install because they are mostly permanent. The wall mounted, or roof mounted installations will take up less space. We have the right experts to get it done for you.


An in-ground basketball court is the most stable kind of installation and takes up a lesser amount of space compared to a portable unit, but it demands more skillful work to have it installed. The pole is cemented permanently into a hole in the ground to give it a strong base. Therefore, once you install the in-ground pole, it will be hard to remove. The in-ground court accommodates a more rigid backboard, which can give more bounce and realistic play.

“Basketball Installers” offer quality basketball goal installations, custom for the people Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern VA. Our installation team has a vast experience and knowledge on basketball courts and hoop installations. With the experience and skill, “Basketball Installers” continues to provide the best quality service and customer care in the business. We have the best installers; it is hard to get such prowess in basketball loops and installations anywhere.

If you want to shoot those hoops in your driveway with a portable goal or permanent basketball goal, then giving us a call will be your best decision. We will get it installed for you at an affordable cost, and according to your particular needs. We are available for same day or next day services.

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