Roof Mount Hoop Installation

At Basketball Installers, we are offering roof-mounted basketball equipment and installations service for both commercial and residential uses. Some of the accessories included upon our installations service include glass backboards, rims, and many other used in portable basketball systems. When taking about installation, we are providing roof-mounted installation service, assembly, repair and removal services.

We also accept extra services including the in-ground basketball installation for the intense and rugged basketball games. These entire services will be provided by our well-experienced and highly qualified basketball installers. Our technicians have complete understanding about roof-mounted basketball installation as well as in the entire basketball hoop installation. Therefore, they will carry out words with effortlessness and complete efficiency.

Call us today and learn from our expert technician on how you can possibly enjoy our great services as the best basketball installers in the industry.


At Roof-Mounted Basketball Installers, we will be able to find different roof-mounted basketball system together with roof-mounted basketball installation service. The variety of roof-mounts is aim to enhance you overall basketball experience. You can completely rely on our expert technicians in meeting your entire needs for the basketball installation services when and as your enquire for them. Call us now and let’s talk more about the available options for you.


If you desire to install the roof-mounts yourself, you can take advantage of our tutorial service on how to install basketball roof mounts with ease. We provide online tutorial services that can help you can help you in performing the installation yourself. Our support team is online round the clock in order to make sure that you will be assisted whenever you need help. You can completely count on your professional technicians to help you in making the most out of your roof-mounted basketball installation.

Beyond the tutorial services, we also carry out installation, design, maintenance and repair services. So that you can surely make the most out in this investment. Rest assured that you won’t be disappointed of your investment; but instead, you’ll reap the most out of your money, effort and time. You can call us today and ask more information on how Roof-Mounted Basketball Installers can be of great help.


  • Service – We completely believe that a great service is the one that defines the company values. If any of your personnel demonstrated rudeness or unwanted behavior, you’ll be entitled to a completely free service.
  • Repair – The repair service is carried out on goal, imps backboards among other as these parts may fail to function or wear at some time. We provide warranty for our entire repair work. Call us now and learn more about our repair services.
  • Replacement – our replacement services are done if your Basketball Installers identified that the installed parts on your system didn’t fit for great use. Installed parts may be defective inherently, failing to provide you what you need. We provide free replacement services because we can’t go back on our guarantee for quality services. If you’re not happy with our services, you can request for a complete refund instead.
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