In-Ground Hoop Installation

Get the games going at your home! Let our experts install your In-ground Basketball Hoop in a professional, fast and convenient way.

Do you love basketball? Are you looking forward having your own basketball hoop? If so, consider leaving the basketball hoop installation to the hand of our experts. Our team has the needed equipment and knowledge to make the installation right. While saving homeowners or clients from tedious, time-consuming and risky installation task.

If you already have a basketball hoop, simply give us and call us. Customer service team will immediately take care of your Inground Basketball Installation need.

Preparation Tips For Homeowners Prior To Inground Basketball Installation

Before our team visit and install the Inground Basketball Hoop (which involves digging through concrete or asphalt), there are certain things that homeowners should do.

  • Homeowners should get clearance from the utility companies operating locally to install the basketball system, as we need to dig up to 4 feet deep and 2 feet across.
  • Homeowners need to check with the local municipalities and homeowners associations for any needed permits.
  • When the utility company visits, explain to them that there will be two spots needed and should be approved. The spot should be approved and marked so we can legally install your unit. The utility company will mark the spot using various colors such as orange for communication, pink for temporary survey markings and more. Do not forget to ask how long the marking will last.


  • Obstructions such as electric dog fences, lawn sprinkler systems at where the in-ground basketball will be installed should be moved prior to Basketballs Installers commencing digging. The company will not proceed with installation when there are any obstructions found.
  • Homeowners who simply need to replace their existing in ground units need to remove the unit prior to the company’s visit. Additional compressed fill may also be needed to fill the hole made by the existing unit. Only through which we can install your new unit.

It is important to note that homeowners MUST clear the area and follow what have been said above prior to the visit. So the team we will deploy can handle the Inground Basketball Hoop Installation easily and fast. However, the length of the installation process will also depend on the weather. Also remember not to use the system right after installation. 24 hours is still needed before you can completely use and enjoy playing at your newly installed in-ground basketball hoop system. Handing or dunking on the rim should also be avoided as it may damage the unit.


If due to good reasons, you cannot let our team install the basketball hoop at the scheduled date and time, kindly notify our team at least 24 hours prior to scheduled visit. Similarly, cancel an appointment as least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. The installation cost will depend on various factors. Factors including the goal’s size as well as the cost of the used concrete.

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