Getting Started With Basketball

The history of basketball began in the 19th century. The game has been growing in popularity, especially in the USA. Now, this game is the second most popular team game in the world. All you need is a ball, a flat, horizontal surface to play and, of course, a basketball system. Nevertheless, is there any advantages for assembling an outdoor basketball hoop for your backyard? Let’s consider some pros of owning one!


Playing basketball on your backyard can help to burn calories (even just shooting hoops helps burn approximately 300 calories an hour. A standard game will burn 747 calories per hour). Moreover, it improves your endurance and stamina, boosts your concentration.

Don’t forget about your little ones!  They will have a reason to go outside, exercise and just have fun playing this game. You can give them a chance to get athletic skills and build a healthy body.


You don’t need to pay fees if you just want to shoot hoops. Health club facility, community center or gym request to pay fees for access. Also, it’s very convenient because your personal basketball hoop will be available 24/7. You can make it easy or tough on yourself. Nevertheless, you must admit that the assembly and installation of a basketball hoop will save your money. In general, this game allows people to experience all the advantages of sports activity without requiring a lot of expensive equipment.


As much fun as it can be playing alone, it is much more fun with family and friends. If you have a hoop on your backyard, basketball will definitely become the game for the whole family. It doesn’t matter what‘s your skill level, enjoy spending time with your kids and playing with them. You can teach your children during the game: teamwork, critical thinking, fair play, and a positive attitude. There are many basketball games for everyone (like H-O-R-S-E, Around-the-World, Twenty one or Lightning)


Some problems at work or, maybe, times get tough? A game of basketball is a great way to let the steam off when things are going badly. Just focus on the game and relax. In the gym or on a public court you will not be able to avoid noisy people and their peering eyes.


Just fun! Enough said! It’s high time to get out there and play!

Have You Already Convinced That An Outdoor Basketball Hoop Could Benefit Your Family?

If you are planning to assemble a basketball hoop and system on your property, please, feel welcome to contact us! Basketballs Installers has been doing it for 15 years with a focus on quality service and competitively low prices.  With Basketball Installers you can successfully train to defeat your opponents from your own backyard!

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