Court Building


For many years, Basketballs Installers court building has built hundreds of court all over Washington DC, Southern PA, Maryland, and Northern VA. From the backyard game courts to high school gym, we are building safe basketball court for both residential and commercial use. Contact us for more our history and services.


We build more than a backyard basketball court. Our professional basketball installers create a safe place for your family to play, laugh, and build memories. A place that your family is never going to outgrow, and we have been doing it for many years.

Our specialized sports components and surfaces can stand the wear and tear through time. We are designed especially to integrate together, enable you to play lots of activities, games, and sports on your multi-game court. At Basketballs Installers, our professionals will help your family in building your dream basketball court.

When building a backyard court, it is important that you have an understanding about the process of court building. Our local and certified basketball court installers will help you in designing your sport court multi-sport game court that suits your activity level, backyard, and budget. We will also ensure that your our basketball court installation will perform great. Helping you avoid those unknowns that are costly, and that come from poor preparation.

Regardless if you are planning to have a backyard basketball court installed, where your children will be able to practice night and day! Do you want your athleticism to take the higher level? Want to have a track on where your children are by putting the hangout house? It is definitely the time for you to give your children a reason to turn their video games off and get outside to have some fun. Contact us today for your free estimate.


There are 2 types of basketball courts that we can install for you, the indoor and outdoor courts.

Indoor basketball courts: Our indoor basketball court systems are providing high-performance and safe basketball surface, which lessen shock and deliver outstanding ball response and traction. It can be customized with the team logos and colors. Our high-performance flooring for basketball court has been used across the globe for competition and recreation. Our surfaces have been the official playing surface of many professional basketball leagues. We offer fast but quality installation, high-performance basketball courts, with only modular surface used in professional basketball leagues.

Outdoor basketball courts: We are also building outdoor courts for professional teams with the same level of quality and technology as that of the NCAA, FIBA, and the Olympic Games. At Basketballs Installers, you can definitely have your own for your school, team, park, fitness studio, sports club, and more. We have the highest quality components, safest backyard basket court surface, and custom-built court for your favorite activities.

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